CoStarting Cohort – Week 2!

While overall time seems to be flying by, the week to week demo calls that we hold in the CoStarting Cohort make it seem like a month is in between each meeting with how much progress we are making and able to demonstrate each week. Between week 1 and 2, I re-did the main interface for Optionator, chose and connected in a stock market API, and did some of the basic groundwork for a Mac desktop application (saving and loading user data, icon and about window, etc).

Above is a screen shot of the base of the new user interface, which is a big improvement over the original idea which was essentially just an extremely wide spreadsheet of cells for every piece of data.

While it may not look like much, its been a lot of fun getting back into desktop software development and learning all of what I’ve missed over the past decade that I’ve been out of the game. Still have a decade ahead of me to become proficient again, but its been a good start (so far).

There are two more meetings before the end of this Cohort and when we are required to launch our projects (or the launch criteria each member set at the beginning), and as of today I’m on track to meet that deadline.

A topic I can very much relate to that came up in yesterdays CoStarting call was about how certain days you just may not feel like working on your project/idea/to do list, but if you just commit to doing one extremely small task/one line of code/one page in a book generally you’ll find that you want to continue.. and if not, you still ended the day at least doing something, no matter how small, towards your goal.

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