CoStarting Cohort – Week 1!

I’m lucky enough to find myself as a member of the CoStarting inaugural cohort with four other inspiring, hard working entrepreneurs. When my friend Sven first approached me about the idea, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had a lot of time on my hands, and have for years now wanted to get back into creating something of my own vs. working on someone else’s idea (which at the core of it is what we all do when we work anywhere else but for ourselves, whether at a startup or a Fortune 100 company), and this cohort would be the perfect opportunity to keep me accountable to actually sticking with building something.. and just as important, launching something.

What’s my project? Introducing Optionator, a macOS application to easily calculate and view returns on your stock options trading. It’s by no means a billion dollar idea, but the premise of it is comprised of a few personal goals of mine:

  • Get back into creating and building something
  • Re-learning Xojo (formally REALbasic) Integrated Development Environment
  • Publish an app in the Mac App Store

With this in mind, a 30 day cohort to hold each other accountable, discuss weekly our progress and demo our work, and post daily standups of our daily accomplishments and barriers is a perfect fit for the small project.

Check out the entire premise behind CoStarting, including viewing the other members of Cohort #1 and their projects, and perhaps apply to join in on the next one here!

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