About Me

Hello, world! Iā€™m Justin Christie, currently residing in Tampa, Florida and for the past twenty years I have been involved in some aspect of technology in my career.

I first became interested in computers when I was 12, walking through Barnes & Noble bookstore with my mother I saw a book called ‘Learn C on the Macintosh’. All I knew is I had a Macintosh at home, and according to the back cover I could program it to do whatever my imagination came up with.

After getting home and reading the first few pages, I put it down, closed it, and decided maybe this wasn’t such a good idea as it felt like reading Greek.

A few months later I opened it back up and tried again, and this time the concepts and ideology behind programming started to make sense. I then learned of REALbasic, a sort of Visual Basic clone for the Mac and began development software applications with it and selling it online as shareware under the name PineHill Products. I lived on Pine Hill Road at the time. I know, very creative.

I spent all day, every day working developing, support and marketing my software that one day I decided that school was interfering with it, and dropped out at age 15.

From then on I’ve had a number of careers ranging from a Subject Matter Expert at the Office of Emergency Communications in Rochester, NY to where I currently am employed as a Technical Lead for ITX Corp, a custom software development shop.